Welcome to our house. The Beauty House. The name might sound new but the foundation behind it is not. Founder Anthony Rossi is a true leader in the industry and has been introducing new lines to New Jersey and New York for over 30 year. Helping salons make more revenue.

Anthony has retained much experience from being a salon owner himself. A pioneer in making retail in the salon a major focus. He can relate to your trails and tribulations and knows in full detail what problems a salon owner incurs. Beauty House is not looking to mass market. We have you as the independent salon owner as our top priority. Our main goal is to provide you with quality salon professional products at a fair price. Knowledge is power.  Our education department is here to help you become more creative & profitable. classes that make you want to come in and learn because the end result will be more money in your pocket.

Creativity,good service and proper local marketing is what makes a salon successful.

Your relationship with your customers is your focus. Our relationship with you is our focus.

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Beauty House

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Seamless Platinum

Formulated with TRICOPHYTOLINE and exclusive ingredient that combines 15 common ingredients  that work together to stimulate and unclog the scalp, improve blood circulation, and penetrate hair follicles to deposit super nutrients that are essential to hair growth and total repair


The TRICO pH HAIR SYSTEM takes a  scientific approach to total hair repair.  It is an all in one system designed to provide stability that restores the hair and scalp. leaving you with: overall body, growth, and confidence



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